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The Club Champion title order


Conditions for Club Champion - CC - title awarding

1.      CC title is awarded to dogs and bitches separately in the middle class, open class, working class and champion class

2.      CC title can be given to the dog/bitch awarded by Excellent 1

3.      CC title can be also awarded to the dog/bitch that is already Club Champion

4.      Only an officially delegated judge can propose the dog/bitch for the CC title

5.      CC title is not a subject of claim and it is awarded only to extraordinary dogs/bitches


To become a Club Champion - CC - one needs:

  1. Three CC titles gained at the Club dog show held under patronage of Beagleclub SK
  2. The CC titles were awarded by at least two different judges
  3. The dog/bitch must have a successfully passed exam that qualifies him/her to enter the working class at the international dog shows
  4. The owner must be member of Beagleclub of SK.


Necessary documents: originals of the CC title cards, copy of the judging reports, copy of the pedigree and copy of the international working certificate.

The Club champion title is confirmed upon owner’s request at:

Ing. Jarka Špaková
072 32 Jovsa 292
mobil: 0918 678 912

If you will not sent ALL necessary documents, you will not get this title!